FHJ Series Container Mixer  

This series of container mixer adopts movable container design, can be applied for the mixing of various kinds of powder & granular materials. After the container filled with raw materials being pushed to the working position, it will be pneumatically lifted & securely connected with the stirring head by the automatic controlling system, the stirring head will tilts together with the container at the same time. Then the mixing blade brings the material into rotary and centrifugal movement with geometrical circle, which ensures optimal mixing result. The container then returns to the starting positon after mixing process completes. The whole process adopts PLC controlling system, with homogeneously mixing effect, high production efficiency and no solidified particles.

* Process controlled by PLC, high automation
* Mixing with container tumbling
* Homogeneously mixing and production efficiency
* No leakage and solidified particle
* Pneumatic positioning, clutching and lifting
* Easy to clean and maintain
* Safe to Operate
* Multi containers for circular operation, easy to change color

Main Technical Parameter

Model Volume(L) Crushing Power(kW) Mixing Power(kW) Tilting Power(kW) Dimension(mm)
FHJ-150 150   4-5.5 0.37-0.55 1200×1420×2000
FHJ-300 300 3-4 9.2-11 0.75-1.1 2400×1700×2600
FHJ-600 600 4-5.5 15-18.5 0.75-1.1 2700×1800×2950
FHJ-1000 1000 5.5-7.5 22-37 1.1-1.5 2900×2000×3300
FHJ-1500 1500 5.5-7.5 30-37 1.5-2.2 3300×2200×3400
FHJ-2000 2000 5.5-7.5 45-55 2.2-3.0 3500×2400×3600