SHJ Series Post-Mixer
This series of mixer gathers multiple advantages of various mixers. The container can radially rotate to make the materials inside turn rapidly from one side to another, and recycle repeatedly. The central blade equipped with water cooling system that keeps the materials at lower temperature while it is mixed. It is applicable to inflammable, fusible and solidifiable materials, such as Herb powder, powder coating and food additive etc.

Main Technical Parameter

Model Mixing Time(min) Mixing Power(kW) Tilting Powder(kW) Mixing Weight(kg/tank) Dimension(mm)
SHJ-500 8-12 5.5 5.5 100-500 2300×1200×2800
SHJ-800 12-15 7.5 7.5 500-800 2800×1600×3000
SHJ-1000 12-15 7.5 7.5 800-1000 3000×1600×3100
SHJ-1500 15-20 11 7.5 1000-1500 3200×1800×3200