BDM Series Metallic Bonding Mixer:  

BDM Series Metallic Bonding Mixer is a special equipment to bond the metallic pigment to the surface of powder coating granules to achieve the metallic finish.



* Reasonable design of cooling system for the bonding and cooling container to avoid powder caking  caused by local overheating

*The container adopts large arc design with good self-cleaning property. Equipped with baffle plate whose angle and height are adjustable it is beneficial to the stable heating of the powder coating during the heating process.

*Automatic control for bonding process including filling with nitrogen, monitoring the content of oxygen, warming and temperature control, fitting with metallic pigment, bonding, cooling in bonding container, discharging to cooling container, products discharging.

* HMI control system for simple operation and parameter setting, with running parameter real-display, high automation by PLC control. 

*Explosion protection system for mixing container

*Equipped with nitrogen generator (optional)


Main Technical Parameter

Model BBDM-08 BDM-50 BDM-100 BDM-200 BDM-300 BDM-500 BDM-600
Total Volume(L) 8 50 100 150 300 500 600
Hot Mixing Time(min) 10-30 10-30 10-30 10-30 10-30 10-30 10-30
Power(kW) 0.75-1.1 0.55-7.5 18.5-22 22-30 30-37 85-55 55-75
Cold Mixing Time(min) 5-20 5-20 5-20 5-20 5-20 5-20 5-20
Power(kW) 0.75-1.1 22-3 4-5.5 5.5-7.5 9.2-11 18.5-22 18.5-22
Cooling Medium Chill Water
Manufacturing Atmosphere Inert Gas N2