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  • Flying Dragon Powder Coating Production Line

    Flying Dragon Powder Coating Production Line
    Flying Dragon Powder Coating Production Line is one of our patent products(Patent NO.ZL 2005 1 0042341.6), which is the landmark of powder coating processing technology both inland and abroad. Intergrated the compact platform with mixer, extruder, cooling belt and grinder, the full production line can run automatically. Its high efficiency and technology have achieved the international leading level, with different capacity from 100kg/hr to 2,000kg/hr, and the particle size distribution can be adjusted freely at 18-60μm.

    * High Anti-explosion and safety
    * Minimum space occupation
    * Automatic feeding system
    * Low labor cost
    * Adjestable & stable particle size distribution
    * Low noise & no pollution
    * Fast cleaning and easy color changing
    * High automatic operation
    * Conformed to European ATEX standard of anti-explosion design system

    Production Line Cases

    Main Technical Parameter

    Output(kg/h) Mixer Extruder Cooling Belt Mill
    80-120 FHJ-100/PHJ-150 SLJ-35 YPW-526/YPJ-408/YPR-100 LYF-07
    150-200 FHJ-300/PHJ-300 SLJ-40/SLJ-40A YPW-640/YPJ-5010/YPR-300 LYF-20
    300-400 FHJ-300/PHJ-500 SLJ-50/SLJ-50A YPW-850/YPJ-5012/YPR-500 LYF-30
    500-700 FHJ-600/PHJ-500 SLJ-65/SLJ-65A YPW-1070/YPJ-5012/YPR-1000 LYF-45
    800-1000 FHJ-1000/PHJ-800 SLJ-75/SLJ-75A YPW-1270/YPJ-6012 LYF-60
    1000-1500 FHJ-1500 SLJ-95/SLJ-95A YPW-1576 LYF-70


    Model Output(kg/h) Area(sq.m.) Operator Noise Pollution
    FL-100 80~120 10 1 low
    FL-200 150~200 40-50 1 low
    FL-300 300~400 40-50 1 low
    FL-500 500~700 50-60 1-2 low
    FL-800 800~1000 55-71 1-2 low
    FL-1000 1000~1500 72-80 1-2 low

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