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  • Laser Particle Size Analyzer IV

    Basic Specification

    Size Range: 0.02-2000um
    Sample Inflow Method: Built-in automatic circulating and dispersing system
    Repeatability:<1% (CRM D50)
    Accuracy:<1% (CRM D50)
    Measuring Principle: Mie scattering theory
    Laser: Import optical fiber semiconductor laser
    Operation System: Win XP/ Win 7
    Connection Port: USB or RS232
    Photodetector: 90 pcs.
    Testing Time: 2-3 minutes per time.
    Ultrasonic Power: 50 W
    Tank Capacity: 500 ml
    Circulating Flowrate: 500-2500 ml / min
    Voltage: 220V, 50/60 HZ
    Outer Dimension: 800×500×418mm

    Outstanding Features

    Light Path System: Adopts unique single-beam and dual-lens light path system, it can receive all scattered light signals from nanometer to millimeter accurately.

    Automatic Water Supply System: Built-in water sucking pump can suck water from bucket to the circulating tank automatically, change the design of adding water by pressure or manpower, and simplify operation, increase accuracy and efficiency.

    Sample Preparation System: Automatic circulating, dispersing, water supply, drainage, water level monitor, etc are all built in it, make sure that sample can be dispersed sufficiently, and test results are stable and reliable.

    Software System: Applies “Project” concept, friendly interface, simple and easy to learn. Automatic calibration function ensures the accuracy and reliable of test results.

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