LYF Series Grinding System is composed of high speed air classifying mill, cyclone, rotary sieve/ vibrating sieve, fine collector and fan. It has the functions of high-speed crushing, airflow classification, double cyclone separation, screening powder and ultrafine powder collection, with noise ≤80DB. Best particle size distribution can be achieved with free adjustable particle size 18 to 60μm. It is the good grinding equipment for solid materials, like pigment, calcium powder, carbonate powder, medicine and food. This series of grinding system has approved by ATEX and PSR11, with excellent anti-explosion design and performance.
* Low noise
* High output 
* Particle size distribution is concentrated, stable and adjustable
* Low loss rate ≤ 2%
* Low raised temperature in mill, low temperature of powder
*Additive feeder can be equipped either in front or behind the mill 
*Controlled by PLC and Touch Screen, friendly HMI, easy to operate
*Temperature monitoring of mill chamber

*Meeting the standard of European ATEX anti-explosion and PSR 11

*Comprehensive safety protection system

*Easy to clean and maintain

Main Technical Parameter

Model Output(kg/h) Motor Power(kW) Mill Speed (rpm) Classifier Motor(kW) Fan Power(kW) Dimension(mm)
LYF-10 150-200 5.5-7.5 7000 1.1-1.5 7.5-11 6000*2000*2200
LYF-20 250-350 11-18.5 6000 2.2-4 15-22 7000*2800*3000
LYF-30 350-500 18.5-30 5600 3-5.5 18.5-37 8000*2800*3000
LYF-45 500-600 22-37 5600 3-5.5 22-45 9000*3500*3500
LYF-60 800-1000 30-45 4800 4-7.5 45-75 10000*3500*3500
LYF-70 1000-1500 37-55 4800 4-7.5 55-90 11000*3500*3500