YPW Series Water Cooling Belt
YPJ Series Air Cooling Belt is composed of cooling rollers, stainless steel strips’ conveyor, crusher and cooling air system. The hot-melt materials discharged from extruder are rolled to thin sheet with thickness of 1-2mm by cooling rollers, and cooled down on the stainless steel strips’ conveyor to normal temperature by cooling air, then crushed into chips and discharged. Air filtration and heat exchange system can be selectively equipped.

* High quality imported stainless steel belt
* Adjustable thickness of chips and speed of roller, homogeneous chip size
* Roller and crusher equipped with mechanical overload protection
* Low power consumption
* Comprehensive safety protection system

* Easy to clean and maintain
* Economical and cost effective 

Main Technical Parameter

Model Belt Effective Length (mm) Belt Effective Width (mm) Output(kg/h) Main Power(kW) Dimension(mm)
YPW-526 2600 500 50-100 0.55-0.75 4000×1200×1600
YPW-640 4000 600 200-300 1.1-1.5 5000×1300×1600
YPW-850 5000 800 400-600 1.5-2.2 6000×1500×1800
YPW-1070 7000 1000 600-800 1.5-2.2 8000×1700×2000
YPW-1270 7000 1200 800-1200 2.2-3.0 8000×1900×2000