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    VHJ Series V Type Mixer

    This series of mixer is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. It consists of two asymmetric cylinders to make the materials move vertically and horizontally and adopts gravity mixing technology, with low pressure on materials, high mixing uniformity, and no leakage or dust floating.



    1. Cylinder made of stainless steel, low power consumption, easy to clean and maintenance

    2. Unique cylinder, homogeneous mixing, high efficiency

    3. The cylinder is polished both internally and externally, smooth enough to avoid material accumulation


    Main Technical Parameter

    Model Volume(L) Mixing Time(min) Mixing Powder(kW) Dimension(mm)
    VHJ-100 100 8-12 1.5-2.2 2100*980*1500
    VHJ-150 150 8-12 2.2-3 2733*1000*2258
    VHJ-500 500 8-12 4-5.5 3500*1000*2800
    VHJ-800 800 8-12 5.5-7.5 3860*1890*2700
    VHJ-1000 1000 8-15 9.2-11 3940*1230*3050

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